Take Experience and A Holiday Unseen England

Take Experience and A Holiday Unseen England

The UK has more than 2,000 miles of rivers, canals and lochs, and one of the best ways to explore the hidden treasures in the country is renting a boat or cruiser and having an adventurous holiday. Of course, a boating holiday in the UK means that people can visit a variety of locations, some which cannot be explored or visited during a conventional holiday involving car or train travel. Whether a person wants to holiday near the seaside or visit a Scottish loch, they will be able to find a boating holiday that is just perfect for them.Types of BoatsThere are many types of boats available to enjoy a memorable holiday in the UK. These include the following:Canal boats that are specifically designed to leisurely cruise the huge canal network that was setup during the Industrial Revolution
Cruisers, which are ideal for a river boating holiday
Hotel barges, which offer all the amenities of conventional hotel, but on water
Tall ships that are perfect for people who want even more adventure during their boating holidays in the UKWhy Opt for a Boating Holiday in the UK

One of the best ways to relax and slow down the pace of life is to go on a boating holiday in the UK. Furthermore, the UK is replete with many beautiful destinations that are worth visiting and exploring. A boating holiday does not necessarily restrict a person to rural locations, as the boats also drop anchor in cities. So during the holiday, a person gets an opportunity to relax and take in green countryside and when the tranquility gets too much, they can always head to a city.Even the city of London can be explored as a part of the boating holiday. Taking a cruiser along The Thames allows a person to see and explore important landmarks in and around the city. So, a visit to Eton College, Windsor Castle, Hampton Court Palace and Oxford can easily become part of a wonderful London boating holiday.The Ouse and Ure rivers offer panoramic views of Yorkshire countryside and also allow people to visit and explore the historic city of York for its Railway Museum, shopping venues, pubs and great restaurants. Or, go for a boating holiday to Norfolk Boards and see why this region is such a popular holiday destination.Travelling along the waterways of the UK offers new views at every corner and allows the person to get up close to the natural beauty – the birds, animals and vegetation. In addition, passing historic houses, rural villages, some industrial heritage sites and market towns add further enjoyment to the holiday. Of course, there still are the waterside pubs from the days gone by serving food and refreshments to people travelling on the waterways.Go for a Boating Holiday on Lesser Known RoutesPeople, who are tired of the routes that everyone opts for, can always take a boat trip through some of the lesser known and frequented routes.The Rochdale Canal is a 33-mile boating route across the Pennines, and runs all the way from the centre of Manchester to Halifax. Along the route, people can see beautiful stone building, quaint and interesting towns and take a walk on the moors. Many people avoid this canal because of the number of locks, but they do not know that they are missing out on a wonderful boat trip.The Chesterfield Canal, or Cuckoo Dyke as the locals call, is a 37-mile long boating route that runs from the River Trent to Kiveton Park. This serene and tranquil route is a wonderful place for those, who want to be away from the city crowd and noise. There are nice and friendly pubs along the canal and the town of Retford, which is beautiful and worth exploring.

The Montgomery Canal is a scenic boating route that starts from the Llangollen Canal and passes through the Welsh Marches. It offers spectacular views of the Welsh countryside and the Berwyn Mountains.Communing with NatureA boating holiday in the UK is the perfect opportunity to commune with nature. The vast network of canals and rivers are home to all types of flora and fauna. Even those in urban areas create green spaces where animals and birds can move freely.The vegetation and water provide the perfect habitat for wildlife, such as dragonflies, kingfishers, kestrels, swans, cormorants, Canada geese, mallards, damselflies, butterflies, frogs, water voles, otters, badgers, polecats, herons, polecats stoats, crayfish, freshwater sponges and newts.The grassy embankments along the canals and rivers offer ideal growing conditions for wildflowers, such as orchids and cowslips.

Graeme is writing on behalf of Norfolk Broads boating holidays provider Ferry Marina