UK Holiday Cottage Resurgence – A Trend That is Here to Stay?

UK Holiday Cottage Resurgence – A Trend That is Here to Stay?

UK holidays have been subject to a recent increase in popularity with Britons, with some speculative causes being the recent global financial crises and cost conscientious travelers looking to save money. Other speculative causes being general changes in fashion and trends. Some even suggest it may be down to that infamous forecast of a long, hot, 2009 UK summer.Whatever the actual reason, bookings of UK holiday cottages have also benefited from this resurgence, with independent rural property owners and the rural economy benefiting from the increased income. Our opinion is that Welsh holidays cottages have seen some of the biggest increases in interest and bookings, closely followed by Norfolk and Cornwall. An emerging theme we are seeing in our visitor searches is the seeking of budget holiday cottages, which, despite the increase in interest, we have found that holiday cottage owners are offering very competitive deals and incentives to attract interest and business.

But this leaves the question, ‘is there any room for luxury holiday cottages in these uncertain economic times’? Our opinion is that luxury holiday cottages are a niche market, as well as an aspirational one. As with most niches there will always be a dedicated and passionate following.We are also currently seeing an increase in last minute holiday cottage lets for August, which in itself is not particularly unusual, but this year those last minute holiday cottages deals are just that bit harder to find. We wonder if this could be a harbinger sign for an improvement in at least one area of the UK economy?

Regardless of preferences, we are certain the recent interest and allure of UK based holidays is more than just a passing trend, and the passion we have for UK holidays will be rediscovered and held by the masses.

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